7th September 2017

What the Internet thinks are the worst interior design trends

The Internet and social media can be a rough place, but something subjective and personal like Interior Design gets people particularly worked up.

Here are some of the best worst interior design trends.

Quotes on walls

Take a witty or inspirational quote, make it large and slap it on a wall of one a particular room in your house and you risk the wrath of Mumsnet.

One user said, ‘I do not need to be told to ‘bathe’ in a bathroom. Nor ‘eat’ in a dining room.’

The biggest hate was undeniably the word ‘love’, which was mentioned numerous times. ‘Trite quotes about families or love or brainless spirituality’ also came up a few times as well as ‘any twee signs that say how sassy and independent you are, or how you seize the day and dance in the rain.’

Words on the wall – bathe, eat, sleep, love etc. in fact, words and slogans generally

Colour schemes

Colour schemes are always contentious.

Neutral decor with an accent colour everywhere. Eg beige room with teal cushions, teal vase, teal feature wall.

Now we think it’s an issue of execution. A neutral colour scheme is safe, but shows a lack of confidence in the designer’s ability to draw together bold and interesting colours schemes.

Colour schemes

Here is a another user’s view:

Entirely neutral houses. Boring as f***. I like a sort of Danish neutral where there’s splashes of colour, and natural woods, but not the beige carpet, beige sofa, beige cushions, beige walls, etc.


My pet peeves are white/pale carpets that people don’t let you walk on in shoes

Mirrored home furnishings, glitter and anything shiny

Shiny things, glitter and mirrors took a particular battering:

I also dislike mirrored drawers and glass tables make me nervous.

Glossy tiled floors…makes it look like a hotel reception area
Stainless steel kitchen with no obvious handles to the units…..looks like a mortuary.

Glittery wallpaper and matching pelmet for the curtains

This has got to be the worst thing I have ever seen! Made up of tiny bits of mirror under the stair

But the final word:

I used to loathe mirrored cupboards but have just put some in the hall and am rather taken with them.

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