4th October 2018

Our dining chairs are made to order but we can customise further to suit your interior design

Our custom dining chairs are imported from a small factory in Italy as flat packed chairs and then the delivered to our factory in the Midlands. Fabric and wood colour options

It’s there the magic happens!

Customers place their order online on our website, specifying the following:

  • Chair style
  • Fabric type and colour
  • Wood stain colour

There are over 200 chair styles to choose from. As well as that there are 13 fabric choices including colour options for faux leather, chenile and marble. The wood stain options are traditional natural wood colours and modern greys.

Even further bespoke dining chair customisationsTessa S Dining Chair

While the chair styles such as Tessa dining chair are fixed we can adjust the wood stain colour, making it darker or lighter to suit your interior design. We can also use your fabric but talk to us first so we can assess whether it is suitable and how much we would need.

If you have ideas or questions about further customisation we are happy to discuss. Either call Dinesh on 01788 844014 or contact us.

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